Finding a problem when reviewing your credit report is something we can all relate to!  It can stir up lots of emotions – it’s basically the “permanent record” of your financial history, after all. No one wants to be misrepresented!

Finding an inaccuracy on your record can make your mind and heart race trying to figure out how it got there and how to get rid of it. A common issue that creeps into many reports is a fraudulent credit card a.k.a. identity theft. While it’s unfortunate, we want to assure you it will be okay! The Credit Bureaus are huge organizations who profit from storing and selling your data. This is just one example of how your credit report may be misrepresenting you.

Another example: when a charge for medical treatment has not been properly processed by your insurance company, it can affect your credit report. In the insurance world, you are just a number, and the chances of mistakes are high. This mistake may mean nothing to them, but it can prevent you from achieving your financial goals.

This can all be very frustrating, and you are probably thinking: “thanks for the bad news!” However, the good news is there are solutions. What can you do?

Going Directly for the Big Credit Bureaus

The major credit bureaus are the ones that report your credit issues. We suggest you run a credit check on yourself at least once a year. Did you know there are ways to do run your credit for free? Check the internet, and you find many options.

When dealing with a bureau, you have to follow specific procedures to receive favorable results. Include all of the information detailed here for the best outcome:

  • Evidence supporting the inaccuracy
  • The what, why, and action desired – detailed carefully
  • Copy of your license or ID
  • Handwritten letter (so computers can’t quickly discard it)

Contacting the Creditors

Have you realized you don’t have enough facts to stand your ground? Go to the creditor who reported you. This could be a credit card company, medical facility, college loan office, or anywhere you have gotten money.

When you call, get as many facts about the blemish as possible. This will help you prove your case.

Ask for copies of all documents. You have a right to them. Stay persistent! It’s easy for them to brush you off, so I recommend weekly contacts.

Those Pesky Bill Collectors

You will uncover that bill collectors have no qualms when it comes to breaking the law. Dig deep, and you may find they are in violation.

Commonly, credit card companies will report a larger debt than what there is. This is fraudulent. They may also report that your credit is less than what you have been allotted. This should be checked carefully and changed if incorrect.

What to Take Away

You have probably figured out how we feel about inaccuracies on credit reports. Even though it isn’t always your fault, it is your responsibility. Stay persistent and organized. If you don’t where to turn, credit specialists can help.

Have you dealt with a similar issue? Let us know what you think about our tactics in the comments below.

Need some help? Contact our credit repair specialist who will fight for you!

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