Bankruptcy?! Not me, no way! Most people never think they will be the person who ends up in this position. There can be feelings of embarrassment, failure, frustration, and confusion. You may be wondering how you got here, and where you can go next.

Don’t despair!

You are not alone – thousands go through this process each year. The credit system can leave us all vulnerable to our debts, and when something unplanned happens, it’s easy for things to get out of control.

If you are currently going through bankruptcy, you don’t have to feel completely defeated. There are some upsides that will come from this.

Here are tips to keep in mind.

Admit the Truth

You can’t change anything until you face the truth. So, it’s time to fully admit you are filing bankruptcy and starting over. Own that you made some mistakes, and examine them to see what you can learn from them. Don’t hide it or deny it, as you will only cause yourself more problems in the future. Along with the tough parts, you can also look at the positives coming from this.

Sure, you will have a bankruptcy on your credit report for 10 years. This is often better than a collection of missed payments, repossessions, lawsuits, defaults, and other bad records. You can also look forward to the end of harassing phone calls and daunting letters from creditors. Finally, have some peace and stop worrying about creditors hunting you down. By making this move, you will be able to get on the road to better credit sooner than you could’ve.

Admitting the truth isn’t all bad. You have to face a defeat,but that’s a door to a new beginning!

Turn the Negative into a Positive

If part of the reason you filed for bankruptcy is you don’t have a job, then a priority would be to find one. The problem, though, is that having a bankruptcy hanging over your head can make potential employers nervous to hire you. It can give the image that you’re irresponsible, since you didn’t handle your finances well.

Instead of letting this be the image you take to an interview, work proactively to demonstrate the positive side of this (because there always is one!). Explain the hardship, but also explain how it helped you prioritize your life, made you good at moving quickly and thinking on your feet, and increased your patience to deal with endless paperwork. You see? Even bankruptcy can be made into a positive quality in a job interview.

Just Keep Swimming

Just like the infamous Dory in the children’s movie Finding Nemo says: “Just keep swimming.” It’s true for you, too! Even through the hardships and sleepless nights, keep moving forward. You will get through this and can start paving the way to a new life. You have an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, and make wiser decisions going forward.


Bankruptcy isn’t all that uncommon, even as tough as it is. You are not alone in your story! Even though it can feel you are, check out online chat groups or support networks and you will likely find heaps of similar stories. You know what all the stories have in common? Everyone got through it, just like you will. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s not going to be the end of you! Hopefully it’s just the end of the “you” who struggled financially.

If the process is a bit overwhelming, and you find yourself feeling lost, we can walk you through it. We have credit repair specialists who have helped many others get back on their feet. Give us a call today!

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