Let’s say you have called all the major gas, electric, cable, and water companies to negotiate the lowest monthly payment possible. Now it’s time to head to the grocery store – think you can haggle the price of your food bill? Not likely. This is a required expense, and there isn’t a lot you can do about it.

The same goes for fuel at the gas station. The attendant isn’t able to give you a cheaper rate just because you ask. Even though you can’t change the price, you can alter how much you are spending. Let us tell you how.

The Big Ones

If you already receive the lowest prices on all major utilities, there’s nothing else you can do, right? Wrong. It’s up to you to make those bills even lower. You will have to make changes in the way you live your everyday life, but if you want cash, you have to make it happen.

Think about how long you stand in the shower every day. Is it necessary to soak in the water for a full fifteen minutes? Probably not. Work to shave time off that daily task. Just by shortening your cleaning session a few minutes, you will save on paying for gallons of water.

Instead of heading to the thermostat when you’re cold, go to your closet. Throw on a sweater or cover up with a blanket instead of cranking up the heat. The same goes in the warmer months. Don’t freeze with your air conditioner, take off unneeded layers. You’re at home, so it doesn’t matter how you’re dressed!

Also, stop leaving electronic devices plugged in if you don’t need to! Technology is a big part of life these days, and the last thing you want is a dead battery on your phone or laptop. It’s fine to keep them charged, but be sure to unhook them from the wall when they are done.

Grocery Shopping

The weekly grocery bill can be a huge hit to your savings account. Before heading to the store, make sure you are getting the best deals and going in with a plan.

Going to the grocery store unprepared is one of the biggest financial mistakes you can make. Instead, plan meals that use similar ingredients and make a list. This way you can buy in bulk. You may need to freeze some of the meat and get tupperware to save leftovers, but this can seriously cut down costs. Additionally, don’t go shopping hungry. Always eat a good meal beforehand to reduce impulse buys. Trust me on this one!

Go through the ads in your area to check if any items on your list are on sale.

While online, check coupon sites. Print the ones offering savings on stuff you are buying – don’t print any extra. You’ll find yourself buying stuff you wouldn’t normally buy, simply because you have a coupon. That can get dangerous. Pick up the Sunday newspaper, and go through coupons in there, too.

If you can, spread out the frequency of your shopping trips. If you aren’t in the store, you aren’t going to buy anything.

Bare Necessities

Stop with expensive morning coffees, get rid of cable television, and cancel the monthly subscription to the jam club. These are all things you don’t need, and it can save you a bundle.

What to Walk Away With

You may feel you have done all you can to lower your bills, but there’s always something else. Be mindful of how you are spending hard-earned cash, and stick to a pre-planned budget!

Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to lowering your monthly expenses? Please share them in the comments below. For further information on this topic, get in touch with our credit repair specialists.

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