You likely work hard to keep your credit score as high as possible, right? Imagine how annoying it would be to find an error on your report. It’s unfortunately pretty common, so it’s a good idea to check your credit report often to avoid the consequences for a mistake you never made!

Do not panic, because credit report errors are fixable. However, it isn’t an easy process. You can’t just call the credit bureau and report the mistake. Instead, you must follow a longer process until your credit report is accurate!

Here’s the real process for fixing errors on your credit report.

Who made the error?

First thing’s first: figure out who made the error. Was it a fraudulent claim or credit line? Was it a typo? Was it false reporting on payment or debt history? The error is can guide your next steps.

The next step is to write a letter. The letter should be written to whoever made the mistake and should politely, yet clearly, explain the mistake. Detail the location of the mistake and how you expect them to fix it. If you are not precise in the letter, they may toss the letter aside without even looking at your account. Be sure to detail the purpose of the letter.

Gather Evidence

You can’t simply write a letter and expect the problem to be fixed – that would be too easy! Can you imagine how many people would write these letters to “fix” their credit scores even if there were no errors? We’d have many fraud cases on our hands!

Due to this, evidence is required to back your claims. If your report shows you are behind on payments, send copies showing you have never missed a payment. If your report says you owe more money than you do, send a statement showing you owe less. Whatever the issue may be, prove you are telling the truth.

Follow, follow, follow

You have now written a letter and gathered evidence. The problem is fixed now, right? Not necessarily! Though this is an urgent matter for you, it is hardly important to the person reading the letters. You have to follow up by calling and checking in a couple weeks post-letter.

Even if you make an initial check in, keep calling to check the status. Why? They may be truthful in telling you the request is ‘processing’, but this process can take a very long time. The longer the error is on your credit report, the lower your credit score drops. You definitely do not want that!

The Wrong Response

When you finally get a response, it is not always the one you are hoping for. Legitimate disputes often get denied for multiple reasons. . It’s not the end of the road, however. You can come back again with further evidence to fight for the fix. There are even further steps if you still cannot get the proper resolution.

Call for Backup

If you find an error on your credit report, get ready for a challenge in removing it. Our credit repair specialists can help – they know the ropes and have fought these cases before. Give us a call today, and you can relax while we go to bat for you.

While it’s a shame that the credit repair process can be so tedious, you can worry less when you hire a professional. The process will be expedited, and you’ll deal with less stress!

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