Credit and finance related articles to help you get on track

Credit Repair Agencies to Watch Out For

Are you already having a terrible time trying to get your finances in order? Imagine hiring a credit repair agency only to discover they scammed you. What a nightmare! Unfortunately, this story is all too real. Learn more about the bad seeds and how their dishonest...

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Stay Positive While Bankrupt!

Bankruptcy?! Not me, no way! Most people never think they will be the person who ends up in this position. There can be feelings of embarrassment, failure, frustration, and confusion. You may be wondering how you got here, and where you can go next. Don’t despair! You...

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Saving Money on Everyday Expenses

Let’s say you have called all the major gas, electric, cable, and water companies to negotiate the lowest monthly payment possible. Now it’s time to head to the grocery store – think you can haggle the price of your food bill? Not likely. This is a required expense,...

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How to Cut Down Car-Related Costs

While having a car can be great and convenient, it can also be expensive. From car payments and insurance to gas and maintenance, it keeps you opening your wallet throughout each month. However, there are ways to cut down your car-related costs when trying to get your...

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