In a perfect world, you would easily be able to take care of credit issues quickly and independently. Unfortunately, however, there is too much corruption in the credit world for this to be a reality.

If you follow the right channels, procedures, and methods, there shouldn’t be issues, right? Not always the case. It can become extremely frustrating when things don’t go the way you planned, so have a credit repair professional guide you.

Don’t Stop at “Verified”

The big credit bureaus, lenders, and bill collectors will try to scare you off the first time you fight a problem on your report. Despite you going through and carefully explaining with details and facts, they send a decision back with the word “verified” stamped on it.

Many people will stop there, and think there is nothing else they can do. This isn’t true, and you still have options – don’t quit so easily!

We know you are frustrated and positive the inconsistency isn’t accurate, but you can’t understand why the bureau won’t work with you. It’s easier for them to say “verified” with hopes that you will walk away.

Your job is to ask the reporting agency for verification and proof.. If they can’t provide this, you win. Credit professionals are effective at getting this step done.

Experts Know the Tricks

Credit repair specialists know all the tricks of collectors. It’s easy to confuse a consumer to the point where they give up; experts won’t quit as easily.

The first response stating “verified” may come as a shock to you. Credit specialists actually send the first contact with the expectation to get shot down. The next step is likely already being worked on before the first response comes back. No frustrations and no worries – that’s why they are experts!

Money is the Root

Like most things in life, credit companies are motivated by money. If you are having a hard time with personal finances, the bureaus, bill collectors, and creditors are making money off you.

Each of these agencies works for a profit. The more people they can label with bad credit, the more money they make at the end of the day. This is where corruption comes in; if they can make money off poor scores, they won’t be in a hurry to help you.

Credit repair specialists know there are crooked creditors, and thankfully they know how to put them in their place. Now that you know, we hope you will no longer stand for their dishonesty.

What to Remember

Working independently on a credit report issue can be more of a headache than the small amount you would pay for a specialist. Save yourself time and frustration, and give the workload to someone who is better prepared for the job.

Have you worked with a credit repair specialist who helped you? Let us know how it went below in the comments. If you are looking for your own specialist, get in touch with us.

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